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Erotic Massage

Erotic Body Massage – classic

Our Erotic Massage is special.

Details about the truly erotic massage at Noblesse Unic parlor. For us, it’s something that we already call classic erotic massage, for you it may be something new, a great experience, a way to achieve a state of mind that you’ve never experienced before! Courage!

No more mystery onto this subject!

One session of erotic massage usually lasts 60 minutes for you together with a masseuse girl of your choice.

What is really happening after you ring our doorbell?

When you are coming into our location, you are welcomed in our bar and lounge area by one receptionist.

There you will be explained our services, our rules and will be shown our full list of services and prices, printed!

Then the receptionist will call the available masseuse girls at that time.

The girls will wear sexy outfits.

After you will meet the girls, you may have a drink and a little chat with them, to help you decide which is your favorite one.

If you are the first time and if the location allows, you will be shown all our massage parlor, you will see live the massage rooms and the spa area together with the jacuzzi, sauna and all other facilities.

Sometimes, if we are not very very busy, and if the girls are in good mood and you offer them also something to drink, you will have the chance to listen to some good music and also have some dance with the girls in our lounge.

In all this time from your entry, we try our best so you won’t meet any other customers (guaranteed privacy).

This is possible because we use multiple lounges.

After some time, you decide what girl you choose and what is the service you want from what we offer.

You pay at the reception the drinks and chosen services and you may go further.

Below will explain more about classic erotic massage.

Erotic massage is the generic name of the service.

In fact, this session consists of the following stages:

Intro stage

You are taken by the chosen girl and walk to one of our dedicated massage rooms.

There you are first invited to get naked and take a shower.

Most of the rooms have own bathroom to preserve your intimacy.

While you take a shower, the girl will go into the girls dressing room to take a shower also and to change the sexy outfit for a robe (sexy also) and to get the oils, creams and other items necessary for massage.

Then it will start the massage session, while some great music will play.

During the massage session you will be naked and also the girl will be naked.

Stage 1 – Relaxing massage (Swedish massage type)

This stage will take about 15-25 minutes, or more if you request so.

You will have here, in fact, a shorter session of relaxing massage (called sometimes Swedish massage).

The girl will start by massaging your legs, then your hips, back, shoulders and arms, while you lie down on your stomach.

In this time you can have a chat with the girl or you can just relax and listen to music.

Stage 2 – Sensual massage

This stage will take about 5 minutes.

The girl will gently touch all over your body with her fingertips, will whisper you nice words, maybe gently touch your back with her lips and hair, trying to get you horny and in the mood for following stages.

Stage 3 – Body  to body massage

This stage will take about 5-10 minutes.

Actually, the girl in this stage is massaging client’s body using her whole body not only her hands.

So you will be massaged by girl’s tits and hips and all her body.

At some point, you will be invited to turn around and lie on your back.

The body massage will continue, of course being more intense because the girl will be lightly touching your genitals with her body.

When the girl feels that you are prepared, you can get to the next stage.

Stage 4 – Erotic massage stimulation – also called lingam massage

This stage will take about 5-10 minutes or as long as necessary, while your total session time must not expire.

You can opt out of this stage if you wish!

In this stage, the girl is stimulating especially your erogenous zones using her hands and her body.

The highlight of sensuality is the achievement of the client’s state of maximum pleasure by this massage.

By this, we understand getting a happy ending.

Finishing the massage session

At the end, you have a short chat with your girl about your experience, and you will be invited again to take a shower and get dressed.

Some customers may want to stay more and request another girl to be sent into the massage room for one other session.

If not your case, then you will be taken again to the reception to share feedback and to settle any occurred bills (you may have any other drinks while you are in the massage rooms).

Then we will say you goodbye and see you soon and you will leave our massage parlor more happy than you arrived!

The session of erotic massage may also be performed by 2 girls at the same time (if you cannot decide between 2 beautiful ladies and choose them together).

In this case, we call the session double erotic massage.

If you want to find more about the possibility that the girls to touch each other and have an erotic show, please visit the special page called erotic show which describes better this service.

If you want other fantasies during the massage session, then please check the page about our service called VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage by clicking here.


According to our surveys, more than 90% of our customers give an excellent overall rating to our services!4

If you want to find more details about our services, please visit our very interesting  FAQ page , email us or phone reception desk.

Classic Erotic Body Massage - Price - 300 RON (60-mins)


  • Aron
    Posted 29 January 2023 at 0:44

    Are you open this evening?

    • Noblesse Unic
      Posted 30 January 2023 at 5:05

      Hello Aron,
      We are open every day of the week Monday to Sunday.
      Opening hours are always updated on the Contact page of our website.
      As of Jan 2023, our opening hours are from 4pm to 4am, more girls to choose from you can find until 1-2am

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