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About us

to NOBLESSE UNIC – PRIVATE MASSAGE & SPA – Bucharest – Romania

Established in 2004. Adult services.

One of the most reliable erotic massage parlors in Bucharest



oblesse Unic – Private Massage & SPA is an erotic massage parlor located in an elegant and spacious villa in downtown Bucharest. We offer erotic nude body massage, VIP fantasy erotic nude body massage, body to body massage, sensual massage, erotic massage for couples, oriental massage, Thai massage, sauna, jacuzzi, erotic massage & SPA packages, private parties, bar & lounge and more. Capacity: we can host 8-10 customers at the same time To see photos from our massage parlor (reception, lounge, sauna, jacuzzi, massage rooms, group photos) click here

Total number of girls: 15-20

To check individual girls profiles and photos click here To see our latest news and promotions and also which of our girls are working today click here

Prices: excellent prices

The prices for our services start at 225 Ron (~EUR 50)

To see all our services and prices browse this website, email us, or phone our reception desk.


All the services we offer can be consulted in detail on the special page on this website (link under construction)


Noblesse Unique – Private Massage & SPA represents a reference location with tradition in the landscape of erotic massage salons in Bucharest – Romania. Over the years, we have established ourselves through the quality of erotic massage services, seriousness, confidentiality, safety, cleanliness, common sense and respect for clients. Since its foundation (year 2004), tens of thousands of clients have visited our erotic massage salon, and their favorable recommendations have always represented our main advantage over the competition. Last but not least, the quality/price ratio we offer has always been excellent.

Noblesse Unique – Private Massage & SPA has seriousness as its main motto.

If you have time and you care about your body and your pocket, it's good to read this page to the bottom...


Please read the following carefully and, for your safety and privacy, take these aspects into account, regardless of the massage parlor you choose to visit.

Fair prices

For the exceptional services we offer, the quality/price ratio has always been excellent.

We always offer customers a computer-printed payment note that lists the products and services consumed.
Apart from the payment note, you don't have to pay anything extra.

For transparency, please pay the bill only at the reception desk.

Extended operating hours

The massage salon Noblesse Unic - Private Massage & SPA Bucharest operates 7 days out of 7, and the operating schedule is considered long enough by all our clients. The hours between which we are open are listed in the right column of this page.

Most people choose to get information or make an appointment with a simple phone call at the reception.

Professional receptionists

Relations with clients are ensured by professional receptionists, who are at your disposal with any kind of details about our offer.

Central location and accessible parking

Noblesse Unique – Private Massage & SPA is located in the center of Bucharest, the access being relatively easy from any part of the city.
The address is easy to find and in general you will not have any problem with the parking space.

We are in the center, but sufficiently secluded (on a street) so that the customers who park with us have privacy.
Since we talked about parking, fortunately there are parking spaces available right next to our villa, most of the time.

Confidentiality, safety and intimacy in an elegant and spacious location

No one from our club will ever call or send sms on your phone.

If you choose to benefit from our services, only you and our employees will know about this fact.
Noblesse Unique - Private Massage & SPA is located in a spacious villa, which includes several massage rooms and also several reception areas, thus ensuring increased confidentiality compared to other establishments of its kind. At the same time, there is enough space so that we do not hasten the departure of customers in the desire to receive other customers.
Our staff is specifically trained and signs certain confidentiality commitments to ensure that we respect the privacy of all guests to the maximum.

Your goods and valuables are safe with us. For even more security, we recommend you to use the existing safes in the reception.

In case of any problems involving physical or verbal violence, the security agents intervene promptly to resolve any incident.

Monitoring, guarding and protection of the location are provided by BGS - Security Division.

A large and professional group of masseuses, you have multiple possibilities to choose from

Our employees are young, beautiful and smart ladies.

In addition to the physical relaxation that the massage itself produces, our clients also appreciate the atmosphere created in the club, as well as the mental relaxation obtained through the conversations with the young ladies who also act as club hostesses.

The staff is subject to periodic trainings, to ensure maximum satisfaction in customer relations.

Depending on the existing appointments and the time you arrive at us, you have the opportunity to choose from several young ladies the one with whom you will spend one or more hours in our club.

Give tips only if you like us

We don't want to be fake.

We recognize that this area of massage is an area where girls expect to receive tips from clients, if they do their job well of course.
We prefer to call it a tip, others call it a tip or a worse word, spaga.
Since our prices are excellent, many customers can afford to tip the girls.
The promise we make to clients is as follows:
No client will receive a different service and will not be discriminated in any way just for not leaving a tip to the masseuse or leaving a small tip.
If you want to leave a tip, you can only do it in cash and it is allowed to give the money directly to the respective masseuse.

We recommend that you leave a tip at the end of the massage session, only if you were satisfied.

Both with tips and without tips, you are welcome to our massage salon.
Don't worry about it!

Our SPA is a professional one

Compared to other similar locations that boast of offering a sauna and jacuzzi, our equipment is professional.

The SPA area is dedicated and exclusive, regardless of whether it is used by only one person or by several.

The club offers you the opportunity to relax in the SPA area equipped with the following equipment:

- professional jacuzzi for 6-8 people with hydrotherapy, aerotherapy and chromotherapy
- Finnish dry sauna for 4-6 people with Tmax=110 degrees C.
- stone bed heated by the jade crystal process, also indicated in the treatment of the lumbar area
- special changing rooms for customers who do SPA
- showers and toilets that only serve the SPA area

We take care of your health and your body

Massage is a sensitive field, in which the client and the masseuse come into direct contact through the skin.
In order not to endanger the health of our customers in any way, all our staff are periodically subject to mandatory occupational medicine checks, performing all tests specific to the performance of the activity in the field of body maintenance.
We have the certification of these controls and we have never faced gender problems.

The location is cleaned and disinfected daily with professional solutions, by specialized staff.

The towels and linen used are washed and disinfected in the own laundry. Their drying is done automatically, without coming into contact with the outside.
All towels and robes are sealed in individual bags until they are used by the customer.

The creams, oils and other consumables used in the massage are of the best quality.

Bar & lounge

We have created a special place for you, where you can relax and spend time with your friends in the company of our masseuses. Whether you choose a simple massage or want to spend more time in our club, we are sure that you will enjoy every moment.
Compared to other locations, most of our presentations take place in the lounge. There the customer can enjoy a drink, exchange a few words with each hostess and make a choice without rushing.
The drinks in the bar are specially selected to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Private parties, bachelor parties and fun with friends

In particularly advantageous conditions, you can organize a private party with us, renting the location exclusively for a few hours.
We offer you the Roman bath with jacuzzi and heated stone bed, Finnish dry sauna, a lounge bar where you can enjoy the finest drinks, along with the chic massage salons.

We also accept payments in foreign currency

You can also pay the bill directly in foreign currency.
Accepted currencies are euro, US dollar and pound sterling.
The exchange rates we use are printed in the reception on a poster.
The courses we use are not the official, standard ones, but they are very close to them.
Please ask what the exchange rate is before deciding if you want to pay in foreign currency or not.
In addition to the mentioned currencies, you can pay for services and consumption in lei (the national currency of Romania) or with a bank card at the POS installed in the reception.

You can also pay with a bank card

In addition to the classic cash, we also offer the possibility of paying for the services provided by bank card.
Maybe it seems as normal as possible to be able to pay with a card, but unfortunately most of the erotic massage salons in Bucharest do not offer this possibility to clients.
At Noblesse Unique we accept cards, and the POS for card payment is installed right at the reception.
It is mandatory to know the PIN code of the card because you will have to type it in the POS at the time of payment, you will also have to sign the transaction receipt.
If you ask us what will appear on the account statement if you pay by card, we will tell you that nothing will appear that contains the words massage, spa or refers to your services or consumption. It also won't write the Noblesse Unique name either.
Please announce your intention to pay by card at the beginning of your visit to our salon.
With us, you can pay by card at any time, in this way we respect our customers.

We also work with companies and legal entities. We issue invoices upon request.

We can also issue invoices if the services we provide are for legal entities.
To request an invoice, you must have a stamped delegation from the company, a valid identity document, and know the company data necessary for invoicing.
Invoices are paid at the time of issue, in cash or with a card issued by the respective company.
Invoices are issued between 12:00 and 20:00.

Tradition helps us!

Brief history of Noblesse Unique erotic massage salon.

Noblesse Unique was created in 2004.

The initial headquarters was in an apartment located in a block close to Piata Unirii and the Palace of the Parliament, at the Izvor bridge.

Most of our loyal customers have known us since those days. The services offered were from the very beginning erotic massage.
The carefully selected staff, the attention to the clients and especially the special beauty of some of our masseuses quickly created a reputation in Bucharest and beyond, the place becoming too large for the demand created.

Thus, we made the decision to close the initial headquarters and move to another, more spacious place.
Starting from 2007 and until now, the location operates in the villa in Leonida street no. 8, under the name Noblesse Unique – Private Massage & SPA, where both our clients and employees benefit from the best conditions.

We thus created the premise that our erotic massage club should be a modern one where we offer you exceptional services.

Located in the center of Bucharest, our club is a benchmark in the massage field. Tens of thousands of clients have benefited from our services, from 2004 until now. Our motto is seriousness, an aspect that guides us in everything we do.

Instead of ending...

Over the years, we have continuously perfected ourselves, many of the standards introduced by us proving to be viable and currently constituting true norms by which the competition is also guided. Moreover, guided by the principle "copy the best", some tried to imitate us completely...
The erotic massage market in Romania has evolved and matured, so that clients now have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of gender locations, they differentiate between massage and prostitution and are increasingly demanding.
This helps us enormously, because we really offer quality services, helped first of all by our experience.

I hope I didn't bore you by praising us so much...

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